Havgul clean energy AS is a company which develops wind power projects in Norway, Sweden and the USA.

In Norway, Havgul is involved with four projects: Tonstad Wind Park, Kjølen Wind Park, E18 Wind Park and Siragrunnen Wind Park. The first three are land based projects, the latter is an offshore project.

In Sweden, Havgul is involved in the development of the Vaggeryd Wind Power project together with with the project developmer company HS Kraft.

In the USA, the company has initiated the Mariah project, which is located in the Texas panhandle, close to the New Mexico border. The project is being developed together with Scatec Solar, the solar company, through a jointly owned company Scated Energy.

These projects represents a total of nearly 1300 MW.

Previously the people behind Havgul clean energy AS has developed some of the largest wind power projects in the world. In 2009, the offshore wind power project Havsul I received final concession by the Norwegian authorities. The project is located 7 km off the coast of Møre and Romsdal county, on the west coast of Norway. The project has an installed effect of 350 MW.

The company´s history goes back to 2007. 1. December 2007 a wind power project company was established under the name of Bora Energi AS by the people who had been working with the Havsul I project. However, the initiators felt throwing the old name away would be to throw away a lot of wind power history, and keeping the old name in the new company would be the only right thing to do. Bora Energi AS was renamed. Havgul Clean Energy AS was a fact.

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